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Jessica and Nick Reed-Robbins have been helping individuals and organisations unlock their potential to be, do and have whatever they want for over 15 years. They transformed their lives after discovering NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and became breakthrough coaches to help others do the same!

They work with people in a number of ways: 

  • Through one-to-one coaching sessions online or on the phone to work directly on your own goals and dreams. 

  • They offer a FREE 2-day online NLP Foundation programme to teach you the skills to manifest whatever you want in your life and increase your influencing abilities. 

  • Following this, you can continue with the live and online NLP Practitioner Programme where you will learn the life-changing tools of NLP for yourself and how to be a transformational coach.  If you decide to book a course use BECKYWEBBER as a discount code to receive £50 OFF the course when you book through Eventbrite.

  • You can then complete the online NLP Master Practitioner Programme where you will learn the tools to become a world-class breakthrough coach! 

  • They also work with organisations to create transformational leadership and management programmes and help them train their in-house training team to become performance experts themselves. 

  • They also provide inspirational keynote speaking events and create unforgettable motivational events, designed to have you literally breaking through wooden boards with your bare hands and walking over hot coals. 


Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, they will help you to make your impossible possible. 

Book your 45-minute free coaching session to experience breakthrough coaching for yourself or your space on the next NLP Practitioner Course.

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