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Webinar & Workshop Testimonials

"I really enjoyed the session and I learnt a lot about how to market myself more effectively" - Sian

"Thank you, Becky.  Your presentation was brilliant (one of the best I have attended).  Very informative and I now feel like I have some direction" - Donna

"The session was fantastic" - Sakshi

"I found this webinar extremely informative, helpful and enjoyable" - Sharon

"I've secured an 8-month FTC as Head of Facilities.  I start on Monday.  Just a note to say thank you for the support and advice which undoubtedly helped me with the interview process- Graeme

"Becky is incredibly helpful and hugely supportive of candidates searching for their next role.  Particularly in the current times.  I found Becky's specialist knowledge of ATS systems a massive help to understand how to create and format my CV keeping ATS compatibility in mind" - Gavin

"I recently attended Becky's wonderful CV Webinar.  I thought I already had a pretty decent one, but that one was based on pre-COVID.  Becky's advice has given new life to my CV, my job search in general and my attitude to it all" - Laura

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