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It’s time to ‘go off-piste’ with your job search!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

If you have found yourself on the job market recently, you will have noticed that it’s much tougher than it’s ever been to secure new employment. It’s not because there aren’t jobs out there, it’s because the recruitment process is broken.

For many job seekers, it feels like you have to find your way through the most complicated maze, negotiating a network of passages and paths to stand a chance of finding an employer or recruiter who will respond to you, let alone interview you. It’s shocking to witness so many inefficient hiring processes that are more likely to repel talent than find it, leaving many job seekers dejected. With talent shortages as they are, it’s surprising that so many recruiters and employers haven’t worked out yet that getting their hiring process right will give them a substantial competitive advantage and a much more positive company brand.

So, while employers and recruiters tackle with this problem, what can job seekers do to ease their pain? ....Quite simply, go off-piste!

If you usually respond to job ads, read them to find out which companies have pain. Instead of applying to the job ad directly and losing your CV into the abyss, find the hiring manager instead and write to them directly. Address their pain specifically, tailoring your CV to reflect your ability to overcome their problems by demonstrating your value with quantifiable examples to prove your worth.

Networking may not be at the top of your to-do list. However, there is no denying the power of a robust professional network. Initially, the thought of it may be daunting maybe even downright uncomfortable, but done well, it can not only help you secure a job faster it will give you a competitive edge throughout every stage of your career.

Experts agree that the most connected people are the most successful. Investing in your professional and personal relationships will help you to develop and improve your skillset, stay on top of trends in your industry and understand what’s happening in the job market. Arrange to meet prospective mentors, colleagues and clients to gain access to the necessary resources to help you develop your career and show you the right doors to open for your next job opportunity.

You may have spent days and days perfecting your CV but remember there are other inventive ways to show off your skills and talents.

  • Writing and posting blogs on topics you wish to be seen as an expert in can set you apart from the competition.

  • Creating a personal website with a ‘gallery’ of your work linked to your CV and LinkedIn can make it simple for employers to witness your capability.

  • For middle-management or executive levels, consider becoming a public speaker, propelling your visibility as a respected thought leader.

So, no more waiting for employers and recruiters to respond to the applications you complete. It’s time to take your job search into your own hands and start going off-piste!


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