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    Uncover your Value

    Identify the unique value you have to offer 

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    Create the Perfect CV

    A comprehensive guide

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    General CV Template

    Follow this format to create your CV

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    Career Statement (CV)

    Create a compelling opening statement

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    Stand out! 

    6 easy steps to show a prospective employer your value throughout your CV

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    Your Cover Letter

    A comprehensive guide and template

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    Job Search Tracker

    Keep track of your

    job search progress

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    Interview Questions

    A comprehensive guide - Top 5 Interview Questions

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    Video Interviews

    10 tips for video interview success

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    LinkedIn Profile

    A simple checklist to follow when creating your profile

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    LinkedIn Networking

    Find out how you can attract opportunities to you

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    Job search wellbeing

    5-steps to job search wellbeing

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    Interview Prep

    A comprehensive guide

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