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Need more interviews? Highlight your value!

Employers need more reassurance than ever to help them make the right decision and providing context in your CV can make all the difference. An employer is unlikely to invest in a new team member unless they are confident that they have found the right person and that they have seen evidence of the value a potential candidate can provide.

Nowadays, CV's that look like shopping lists with 'cut and paste' job descriptions will undoubtedly find themselves in the 'no' pile. Powerless cliches and meaningless buzzwords no longer have a place on a CV. Instead, replacing them with relatable context and quantifiable achievements will help you to secure the right job and company for you.

By putting yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager is a significant first step and will help you think about the evidence they will be seeking. Here are a few pointers to help you to craft a standout CV, essential in today's crowded job market.

Previous companies

Assuming that a prospective employer will instantly know the industry of your previous employer's, the size of their organisation, and how profitable they were is a common mistake that job seekers make. Providing this information within your CV is likely to make you more relatable if your work experience aligns with theirs.

Past roles

Making your position clear within a hierarchy is crucial. A prospective employer needs to understand where you could sit in their team. So, ensure you describe who you report to, also if you manage anyone directly and how many staff (or customers) depend on you. I would also encourage you to explain the purpose of your position. Every role on your CV should start with an explanation of your objective so that a prospective employer can gain a bigger picture of your responsibilities.

How you use your network

Very few roles struggle to be successful without cultivating a strong network. The ability to draw upon the strength of others to get great work done is imperative in today's evolving workplace. Most jobs will require you to interact with a wide range of individuals, including both internal and external stakeholders. Your CV needs to demonstrate your business social abilities and how you create beneficial working relationships with your customers, colleagues, suppliers and those who regulate your business too.

Your desire to keep learning

No industry is unaffected by the speed of change. Demonstrating your ability to be adaptable, curious and keep learning is, and will continue to be necessary. With technology fast evolving, it is essential to detail the tools that you can use and how you have applied them in your roles. Demonstrating how you keep your skills current may warrant an earlier slot on your CV. Don't just feature qualifications; it can also include online courses you have completed or events you have attended.

Show your past achievements through numbers

To prove the impact you can have in the workplace, you must add quantifiable evidence into your CV. Numbers translate into tangible results and are the best way to present your strengths and added value. Showing your past achievements with specific numbers will provide prospective employers with what to expect if they were to hire you. When I say numbers they don't have to be monetary, they could be percentages or targets you have achieved or perhaps time you have taken to deliver an essential piece of work.

Proving your worth through your CV will dramatically increase your chances of securing more interviews and your next role with a suitable employer. So, don't be tempted to take shortcuts, ensure your CV oozes value and relatability as it will be vital to ensure success in today's job market.


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