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Taking back control in your job search!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

When you are job hunting, despite taking all the right steps, you may not achieve the breakthrough you were hoping for. You can feel disempowered and doubt your abilities and shifting those feelings can be really tough. Here’s how to take control back!

Picture yourself empowered!Write down 3 phrases to describe what feeling empowered looks like for you. Remind yourself of your vision whenever you sense fear creeping in or feel a lack of control over a situation.

Identify your fears that are holding you backThe types of situations that make me most fearful are __because __

My most vivid memories of being afraid involve __(what type of scenarios, people)?

Face your fearsWhat is one fear you would like to work on? Commit to one small action you will take on in the coming week and face that fear head on. Acknowledge the effect it has.

Proudest moments listWrite down all the things that you have done that you are proud of, that made you feel confident and in control. Keep it somewhere visible.

Finally, celebrate your improvements. Empowerment emerges when you have an awareness of yourself, your fears and your needs. If you address the things that make you fearful, that are holding you back, you will become a more empowered you!

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