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The only certainty is change - don't get left behind!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

These days, we are dealing with so much unpredictability that we can feel grateful if we can go a day without a dramatic change happening.

The world is getting more complex as we evolve, not simpler. Businesses are under severe pressure from customers, competitors and government regulators and the more people in the world who are taking action, the more complexity, uncertainty and disorder we get.

If we are to survive, grow and succeed in our careers and our lives, we’d better get used to the speed of change we are experiencing.

So, here are a few pointers to consider when faced with change in the workplace.

Let go of how good it used to be Yes, it used to be better back then because it was simpler. Sometimes, subconsciously, we can hold on to that picture of how it used to be and that stops us moving forward and prevents us from learning to adapt. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s doom and gloom, some of the best opportunities are presented to us when we open ourselves up to change.

Accept it

Change isn’t something that just happens to us, it happens to us all the time. Our children grow up and our parents get older, so to think that we are in a static mode and suddenly things change, isn’t true! Whilst you may have just spotted that wrinkle on your face, I am sorry to tell you it’s likely to have been there quite a while, you just haven’t noticed it because you’ve been so caught up in the day to day. The trick is to not run away from a natural occurrence of life. Accept it. Once you do, there is nothing holding you back!

Think yes not noWhen something radically changes, it’s easy to think, “Well, I’m not doing that”. It can be difficult to shift our mindset at the drop of a hat, it sometimes takes time. However, we do need to gradually alter how we think to consider all the reasons why a new approach should work, rather than think of all the reasons why it shouldn’t. This is where the metaphor of the brick wall comes to mind. Where you need to look at how you can remove the barriers to consider the possibilities, not the impossibilities.

Set new goals and absolutely go after themWith change can come a lack of direction and purpose. You can feel lost because there is no clarity and sometimes everything you do seems pointless. By setting your OWN goal, it can bring with it a wonderful new mind shift that can be a powerful way to re-energise yourself.

Focus on controlling your own actionsThere will be days with ups and downs that are going to be out of our control. You could be working on a project and the rug gets pulled from underneath you or something unpredictable happens, like the loss of a customer account. This is where stress and anxiety can arise because we have no control. But the reality is, the only thing we can control is how we choose to respond to these adversities and changes and then how we act as a result.

Get an outside view for a fresh perspective

Trying to navigate a changing workplace can bring with it, isolation. People around us can become quieter. Your boss might not share so much information. Colleagues can have their heads down. Sometimes, the social isolation can lead to paranoia. Worrying and feeling anxious when there may be nothing to be concerned about. So, rather than letting things fester, arrange to meet a friend or discuss your thoughts and concerns with your partner. Getting an outside view can give us a completely different perspective and very often break that cycle of negative thought. Sometimes, it can also lead to ideas and advice on how to deal with certain issues.

Finally, just as our body changes, so can our mindset. We have to be open to new thinking and new ideas that will allow us to grow to ensure that we continue to progress and find fulfilment in our work.

break through the wall to reach your goals


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