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Radio silence after your interview?

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

As someone who’s counselled many job seekers over the years, most say that a long wait after an interview is the most frustrating part of their job search. My advice to them is to remember that it’s not always just to do with you. Hiring Managers should keep you informed on delays, but sadly this doesn’t always happen. Here are some possible reasons why you may not be hearing back.

  • Struggling to make a decision – Companies sometimes get nervous before making the final decision as they don’t want to make a costly hiring mistake.

  • Not all decision makers are available – Maybe you attended a series of interviews meeting different decision makers? One of the interviewers may have been called away due to an emergency or urgent business.

  • Change in situation – The hiring manager may have had approval to hire when you were interviewed but something may have changed since. Perhaps the loss of a major client, budget cuts or structural changes, all of which could slow the process down or prevent an offer being made.

Try not to let a long wait affect your confidence. In this marketplace, talented job seekers are in the driving seat. If a hiring manager has gone totally silent it's worth thinking about what it will be like to work for them?

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